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March, 2010 Our new siberian kittens HERE

And our exclusive Neva Masquerade girl HERE!


June Siberian and Neva Masquerade kittens are available now!

September, 24, 2006 was born siberian kittens from Edelweiss Charlie-Tcharodey & Edelweiss Fantasia. Kittens page.


July, 25Was born one male bobtail kitten. Pictures See here!

July, 25 Was born 2 male kittens from Nora Catissimo (EXO n 33) & Ch. Pleskava's Jimmy Vinny-Puh (PER ns 11 64). Kittens page Here!

July, 22 Was born 4 kittens from Ch. Edelweiss Ursula (PER ns 23 64) & Int.Ch. Pinky Bob Cat-Mission (EXO e 33). More informationHere!

July, 10-11 Was born 5 siberian kittens from Gr.Int.Ch. Sylvia Sibirskaya Zhemchuzhina (SIB ns 23) & Int.Ch. Iskander Silver Grey (SIB as 23 03)Here!

July, 9Was born siberian kittens from Edelweiss Tchernika (SIB n 24 03) & Edelweiss Khrizopras (SIB n 24 03). Kittens are Here!

July, 8 Was born 2 kittens from Ch Edelweiss Semiramida (EXO ns 24 64) & Ch. Pleskava's Jimmy Vinny-Puh (PER ns 11 64). More information Here!

June, 24Was born 4 tonkinese kittens. SeeHere!

June, 22Was born 3 kittens from Edelweiss Santana (EXO ns 11 64) & Ch. Pleskava's Jimmi Vinny-Puh (PER ns 11 64). More informationHere!

June, 16Was born 3 siberian female kittens from Ch. Edelweiss Pallada (SIB f 23) & Ch. Edelweiss Tumka (SIB ns 24). See here!

December, 14 SIBERIAN kittens was born. See HERE!

November, 26 PERSIAN kittens was born. See HERE!

April, 9 SIBERIAN kitten 4,5 month, Black solid colored is STILL AVAILABLE! See here!

April, 9 Siberian kittens's page updated. See here!

March 22, 2005 SIBERIAN kittens was born. You can see photos of theyrs parents Here! Pictures of kittens will be soon.

February 22, 2005 SIBERIAN and NEVA MASQUERADE kittens was born from our boy Ch. Edelweiss Tumka (Silver spotted tabby) and Neva Masquerade girl Tamila (Blue-point), breeder Gueraimovitch Irina. colors are: Silver tabby girl, Brown-tabby girl, Silver-point, Seal-tabby-point. If you interests this litter please wright to me: your letter!

December, 12 today you can see our siberian kittens Here!

November, 15 today we have new siberian kittens from Edelweiss Rafaella (Siberian silver mackerel, owner Dudareva Anna) and Ralmond Marcell (siberian, blue silver mackerel, owner Lebedev Nina&Nikolay.)

There are four boys: Black silver classic tabby, Brown classic tabby, Brown mackerel tabby, Black (solid, or black smoke).

If you have any questions about this litter, please, wright me: November, 15 our beautiful siberian kittens are 4 month old now and two boys are still available!!!

July, 29 today you can see our new siberian kittens HERE!

July, 8 New SIBERIAN kittens was born from Gr.Int.Ch. (FIFe) Jonathan Timange - SIB n 22 (owner Hildebrandt Elena) and Edelweiss Khrabrost - SIB n 24 03. Colors of kittens: brown tabby with white ( 3 males and 1 female) and blue tabby with white (female).

June, 25 Our new persian kittens you can see HERE

June, 18 Was born BURMESE kittens from Edelweiss Vitchenza (BUR g) and Silver (BUR b, owner Smirnova T.)

May, 10 Was born new kittens from Eurydica Monplaisir (Persian silver shaded) and Edelweiss's Still Loving You(exotic silver classic tabbie with green eyes). There are two girls (one of extremal type and one of classic type). Colors are silver shaded and silver classic.

April, 24 Now you can see our new siberian kittens HERE

March, 25 new SIBERIAN kittens was born!!!

Parents: Int.Ch.FIFe Jonatan Timange - SIB n 22, and Int.Ch. WCF Edelweiss Rafaella - SIB ns 23. Kittens are: silver tiger male, silver blotched male, silver tiger female, black blotched females and black tiger female. To reserve the kitten, please Wright to us!

February, 28-29 The International Cat Show have passed in Saint-Petersburg. The siberian female Edelweiss Khrabrost, Brown tiger with white was shown in the "SIBERIAN SHOW". And she was being the "BEST SIBERIAN CAT"!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

January, 24 New page of this site was been developed. This is Siberian cats of the Cattery Edelweiss. Here

January, 21 Siberian female Edelweiss Rafaella (SIB ns 23) + Siberian male Jonatan Timange (SIB n 22). New litter will born in March!

January, 20 In our cattery - New cat! It is yang female of Thai bobtail! Seal-point colored.

January, 15 2004 In our cattery - New cat! It is 1 year old female Kurilian Bobtail tortie blotched tabbie with white spot. Her foto is here. Che was coming to us from Brest, Belarus, the cattery Scarlett Sail.

August, 28 2003. This page was developed!

In our Cattery You can get kitten or adult cat ( Female or Male), accordingly to Your wishful type and financial potentiality!

Also, if You are interesting about a breeding and You have questions about Nutritions, Maintenance, please, feel free to contact me by the e-mail or by the phone. I will be happy to answer all Your questions!

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And, please, do not overlook to leave the message in the guest book!!!

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